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) a subspace v of r 3 such that dim v ? = 1. (2) a subspace v of r 3 such that dim v ? = 2. (3) a subspace v of r 4 such that dim v = 2 and dim v ? = 2. 2. true or false? all vectors below are in r n for some n. if your answer is "true", explain why. if your answer is "false", give a counterexample. (1) if w is a subspace of r n , then w and w? have no vectors in common. Get the answer
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) after decades of work a scientist isolated a small amount of attractase, an enzyme producing a powerful human pheromone. to produce attractase for h


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) although cities encourage carpooling to reduce traffic congestion, many vehicles carry only one person. for example, 70% of vehicles on the roads in


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) alyssa has 36 books in her library. she bought several books at a yard sale over the weekend. she now has 62 books in her library. how many books di