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) a real estate agent sells a unit for $800 000. the commission rate is 2.75% of the selling price. calculate the commission. (a) $25 000 (b) $27 750 (c) $220 000 (d) $22 000 Get the answer
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) a swimming pool is of length 6m, breadth 2m and depth 1m. what is the volume of the maximumamount of water it can hold? give your answer in m3, in m


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) a tree casts a 25-foot shadow. at the same time of day, a 6-foot man standing near the tree casts a 9-foot shadow. what is the height of the tree, t


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) after basketball practice, courtney spent extra time working on free throws. overall, she made 3 of her 5 shots. what percent of her total shots did