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(vi)describe the difference between hydrostatic pressure and colloid osmotic pressure (also known as oncotic pressure) in relation to transport of fluids across a capillary membrane. Get the answer
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Selma Yafa 55 Minutes ago

(x + 1) determine the equations of the vertical and horizontal asymptotes, if any, for h(x) = x2 - 1 a. x=-1, y = -1 c. *= 1, y = 1 b. x= 1 d. y= 1


Sarah Aksinia 1 Hours ago

(x + 2) is a factor of p(x) = 2x3 + bx2 + cx – 2. the remainder when p(x) is divided by (2x – 3) is 7. find the values of b and c.


Sarah Aksinia 1 Hours ago

(x + 5)2 + (x-3)2 over 8 for first set of numbers over 4 second set of numbers but the parentheses for second set of numbers includes the whole fracti