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(please help me, i will be posting multiple questions today btw.) part a: what the reader infer about the landlady from her conversation with billy in the sitting room? a. she was a doctor or likely to have some medical training, as evidence by her ability to stuff her pets. b. she is a lonely old woman who lost her son in the war and tries to replace him with her particular tenants. c. she may have witnessed something terrible and suffers memory problems because she cannot reacal billy's name correctly. d. she may appear more threatening than she appears because her words suggest she was involved in the two men disapprence. Get the answer
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(please help) if you were kublai khan, would you have stayed in mongolia or moved to china and adopted the chinese lifestyle? explain your reasoning


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(please help) maxine needs to rent a car for a week. she has $300 to cover the rental. if the car costs $35 a day and $0.25 a mile, how many miles c


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(please help) the tables show the proportional relationship between two quantities. write the constant of proportionality for each table. a table sho