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(line 4) normally we reserve the term “saint" for someone who endured hardships or died for a cause he or she believed in. that's the “old fashioned” sense of the word. what, apparently, is the modern sense of the word? a. someone who does whatever they want b. someone who does not do what other people tell him/her c. someone who is afraid to do anything d. someone who follows all the rules Get the answer
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(m/s) 150-- 120 0 (iii ) 0 3 5 6 time (s) f ., hon ate figure r8.10 erate a) describe the three parts of the journey in your own words. b) calculate t


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(matching type) given f(x)= x+4 and g(x) = 2x + 1 match the expression to its simplication operation choose x+4 / 2x+1 answer 1 choose... f of g f/g


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(multiple choice) a cannon fires a cannonball. what happens to most of the chemical energy of the explosives? a. it transforms into kinetic energy.