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"eva stone's home in chicago was recently gutted in a fire. her living and dining rooms were destroyed completely, and the damaged personal property had a replacement price of $42,000. the average age of the damaged personal property was 4 years, and its useful life was estimated to be 13 years. what is the maximum amount the insurance company would pay eva, assuming that it reimburses losses on an actual cash-value basis? round the answer to the nearest cent." Get the answer
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Hedda Galya 55 Minutes ago

"every kiss begins with kay" for kay jewelers makes the audience feel sentimental or hopeful that this product will lead to love. this is an example o


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"every action force creates a reaction force that is equal in strength and opposite in direction." this statement summarizes newton's


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"every society is transforming from primitive to modern" . do you agree this statement ? write your opinion in a sentence?