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"definition" a. a characteristic that is not passed from one generation to the next in the genes but instead is acquired during the lifetime of an individual b. to mate two plants or animals to produce another generation c. a unit of dna that determines a specific trait in an organism d. the transfer of traits from parents to their offspring e. a chart used to predict the proportion of offspring that will have a certain trait when two organisms are crossed f. a gene in a gene pair that is not expressed when paired with a dominant gene g. an organism that is the offspring of two similar organisms that are not the same species h. a gene in a gene pair that is always expressed i. a characteristic of an organism; for example, eye color, hair color, or height j. the science of heredity; the study of how traits are passed from parent(s) to offspring k. the discoverer of the basis of genetic theory l. when both genes from a homologous pair are identical m. factors in the environment of an organism that limit the full expression of a gene n. a twisted and coiled strand of dna within the nucleus that carries the codes for reproductive traits such as eye and hair color o. the strands of genetic material that determine traits of daughter cells (stands for deoxyribonucleic acid) p. when both genes from a homologous pair are different q. two similar chromosomes; one from the mother and one from the father r. the links that hold the two sides of the dna molecule together Get the answer
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"desktop" is a computer term that refers to: a) the initial screen showing icons for folders, files, and applications b) the part of your work area


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