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(100 points) what was the declaration of independence and why was it written?what were some of the early events of the war?who were some of the people and groups who influenced the revolution?what were some of the key battles of the war?what advantages did the americans have?what advantages did the british have?how did the french help the americans win? Get the answer
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(100 points!) the ___ search engine is the most common in use today. a boolean-based b crawler-based c algorithm-based d government-based


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(100 points) find the value of x so that the points (-2, 5) and (8, x) lie on the line with slope -1/5 -45 3 -3 19/5


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(100 points) "animal farm"1. animal farm is an allegory for the events in russia between 1917 and the early 1940s. how does orwell’s use of allegory h