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(1). the temperature at noon is 3°c and then drops by 4°c . what is the new temperature? (2). the air temperature at 1pm was 3°c, at 6pm it was 5°c lower. the temperature at 6pm was? (3). an athlete breaks a world record by 3/100 of a second. the old record was 9.62 seconds. what is the athlete new personal best time? (4). tara has £42.76 in her bank account. she pays in a cheque for £52.60 and writes cheques for £4.26, £3.59, and £27.80. the amount of money left in her account is how much?? (5). a skirt uses 1.8m length of material. how many skirts can be made from a roll of cloth 12.6m long?? (6). which number is halfway between 20.25 and 20.5?? (7). how many 0.5 litre cans of paint can be filled from a drum containing 30 litres?? ? Get the answer
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Ehud Raghnall 55 Minutes ago

(1)as a cloud of gas and dust collapses on itself and becomes more dense, the temperature at the center of the cloud a, increase b, decrease, c, stay


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(1)the point that is to be transformed is called the. a. transformation b. pre- imagec. imaged. post- image(2) given c(2,9) under which reflection is


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(1)when you were younger, your mother cautioned you not to act like an animal. (2)what mother obviously didn't realize is that much of the rest of the