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(1) max is my best friend. (2) he is also my dog. (3) my family moves a lot, so it is hard for me to keep friends. (4) max is always there for me. (5) he and i will play fetch with a bright red ball. (6) max also likes to chase me around the yard, and we even swim in the lake together. (7) our backyard does not have a fence, but max never runs away. (8) my dad helped me train him well. (9) max is a great dog, and i love playing with him. which of these sentences in the passage above is a compound sentence? * Get the answer
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(1) on your social media feed. you notice many of your family and friends growing concerned with exposure to green light. those behind the concern cla


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(1) one reason students should get low prices is because it is an educational place. (2) it helps students learn things they will not learn in school.


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(1) one trend certain to remain, and even expand, is the trend toward integrating technology into the classroom. (2) in many districts, the classroom