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(1) last week, the mayor sold the run-down village green park to condo developers. (2) the park had been neglected for years, and neighbors complained that it was becoming little more than a garbage heap and a haven for stray dogs. (3) in the months prior to the decision, the water conservation department had whined to the press that the park’s polluted stream threatened to contaminate nearby groundwater. (4) the contaminated stream had already started inundating the surrounding marshlands at a frequency and duration sufficient to destroy existing vegetation. (5) change was needed, but the public was shocked at the outcome. (6) “condos in this housing market?” asked an incredulous neighbor. “are you kidding me? they’ll be vacant for years.” (7) most people in the town had assumed that the solution would be to clean the park, not to sell it to the highest bidder. what is the main tone of the passage? Get the answer
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(1) mortgage rates are at an all time low. (2) it is therefore a good time to buy a home. (3) also, property values have been increasing over the last


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(1) mr. brennan, my math teacher, says that we have to show our work on our tests. (2) learned the hard way to follow his instructions to the letter.


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(1) much has been made of fitzgerald's relation to his characters. (2) many of the characters in his novels are based on people from his life. (3) wit