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(1) earth's crust is made up of relatively rigid plates that ride atop earth's hot, semiliquid m. semiliquid fluid called magma. (4) volcanoes are a result of magma rising up or erupting the friction along adjacent plate boundaries, earthquakes frequently occur. (6) therefore, we of (9) for example, the collision of the plate carrying the indian subcontinent created the hima which statement about this paragraph is accurate? a. the author uses comparison and contrast to organize ideas b. there is no single topic sentence c. the topic sentence is the found in the last line d. there are no supporting details for the main idea. mark for review (will be highlighted on the review page) previous question next question Get the answer
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(1) fig. 5.1 which labelled feature reduces heat transferless by both conductor and convection? (ii) explain why the named feature in () reduces heat


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(1) find the present value (one period before the first payment) of an annuity- immediate that lasts five years and pays $3,000 at the end of each mon


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(1) frank lloyd wright considered himself one of the greatest architects of all time. not everyone agrees with this assessment. however, most people r