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(1) a scientist wants to find out why ocean water freezes at a lower temperature that fresh water. (9) the scientist continues, "therefore, i suggest that the reason ocean water freezes at a lower temperature is that ocean water contains dissolved salts while fresh water does not." (5) after considering all this information, the scientist sits at a desk and writes, "my guess is that ocean water freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water because ocean water has salt in it." 3) in the library, the scientist also reads about the composition of ocean water. Get the answer
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(1) a student writes a five question multiple-choice quiz. each question has four possible responses. the student guesses at random for each question.


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(1) according to many studies, learning to play an instrument such as the piano or guitar can positively impact a student's academic achievement. (2)


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(1) american peace corps volunteers work with the people in less fortunate countries. (2) these volunteers try to help the people in these countries s