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(1 point) 1. part a all but two of the pyramids built by the ancient egyptians have faces inclined at 52° angles. suppose an archaeologist discovers the ruins of a pyramid. most of the pyramid has eroded, but the length of a side of the square base is 82 meters. how tall was the pyramid, assuming its faces were inclined at 52°? round your answer to the nearest meter. 25 m 32 m 52 m 105 m Get the answer
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(1 point) 4. samantha, who is the vice president of the marketing department, has asked you to prepare a positioning map for her presentation to the b


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(1 point) 5. a ball is thrown and it follows a parabolic path. at each horizontal distance (x) the following equation models the ball's height (y). y=


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(1 point) 5. kimonos often show repeated images from nature. which of the following artistic elements is this an example of? asymmetry balance color o