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(1 point) (hypothetical.) we are given a weighted coin (with one side heads, one side tails), and we want to estimate the unknown probability p that it will land heads. we flip the coin 1000 times and it happens to land heads 406 times. give answers in decimal form, rounded to four decimal places (or more). we estimate the chance this coin will land on heads to be . attach a give-or-take value to this estimate. (that is, estimate the standard error.) for a 92% confidence interval, about how many standard errors should be added to and subtracted from the estimate? set up an approximate 92% confidence interval for the probability the coin will land heads. Get the answer
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(1 point) 20. an electronics store makes a profit of $72.00 for every television sold and $90.00 for every computer sold. the manager's target is to m


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(1 point) 3. public spaces such as playgrounds or skate parks often serve the purpose of meeting which significant human needs? needs for conflict and


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(1 point) 4. samantha, who is the vice president of the marketing department, has asked you to prepare a positioning map for her presentation to the b