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(1 bookmark) flag two identical firms compete as a cournot duopoly. the inverse market demand they face is p = 120-2q. the total cost function for each firm is tc1(q) = 4q1. the total cost function for firm 2 is tc2(q) = 2q2. what is the output of each firm? Get the answer
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(1 point a 24-foot flagpole cast a 20-foot shadow. at the same time, the building next to it cast an 85-foot shadow. find the height of the building.


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(1 point) donna's annual salary as a radiography technician is $49,588.00. her salary increased by 1.2% from last year. what was her salary last yea


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(1 point) 1. tim is a low-level supervisor, but he runs his department with a heavy hand. he directs his employees to perform tasks in specific ways,