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(09.04 lc) for the equation y = 6x2 - 9x + 22, choose the correct application of the quadratic formula. (5 points) 9+1(-9)2 - 4(6)(22) 2(6) x= 61/62-4(-9)(22) 21-9) x= 61/6)- 4(-9)(22) 2(-9) x= _91/(-9)2 - 4(6)(22) 2(6) Get the answer
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(09.05 mc) tabitha wants to hang a painting in a gallery. the painting and frame must have an area of 58 square feet. the painting is 7 feet wide by 8


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(09.05) compare the functions shown below. which function has the greatest maximum y-value? a. f(x) b. g(x) c. g(x) and h(x) d. f(x) and h(x)


Giiwedin Frigyes 1 Hours ago

(09.05) arianna kicks a soccer ball off the ground and into the air with an initial velocity of 42 feet per second. assume the starting height of the