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(08.02 lc) the dot plots below show the weights of the players of two teams: two dot plots are shown one below the other. the top and the bottom plots have the title team c and team d respectively. below the line for each dot plot is written weight followed by pounds in parentheses. the markings on each line are from 120 till 140 at intervals of 1. for the top plot there are 2 dots each for 130 and 139 and 1 dot each for 126, 127, 132, and 135. for the bottom plot there are two dots each for 120, 121 and 126 and 1 dot each for 123, and 128. based on visual inspection of the dot plots, which team appears to have the larger mean weight? Get the answer
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(08.02 mc) what is the mass of nacl required to make 160 grams of a 12% solution of nacl in water? 18 grams 19 grams 22 grams 24 grams


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(08.02 mc) a pair of equations is shown below y = 2x - 1 y = 4x - 5 part a: in your own words, explain how you can solve the pair of equations graphi


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(08.02 mc) what is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 20.0 grams of naoh in sufficient water to make a solution with a total volume of