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(08.02 hc) comparing resources union confederacy horses 28 unt food crops cotton 13 2 pre werbeports oard 201 67% solders firearm production rabroad tracks tin ses 20 factories bn 14 am bank deposits ndar 21 total population sh resource companion of the union and confederacy during the ove war public domain dox adio use the graph and your knowledge of u. s. history to answer the question. which of these explains the differences in union vs. confederate firearm production during the civil war? (5 points) help the north had a highly skilled labor force to make them the north's heavy industrialization provided an advantage. the south had fewer men who were trained as metalworkers. the south's means of production were destroyed by general william tecumseh sherman. Get the answer
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(08.02 lc) the dot plots below show the weights of the players of two teams: two dot plots are shown one below the other. the top and the bottom plots


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(08.02 lc) which of the following represents the number of moles of a solute in one liter of a solution? (1 point) a. density b. percent by mass c. vo


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(08.02 lc)the table below shows the size of nine families selected at random from two neighborhoods in a large city: family size (in number of people)