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(07.04 mc) you are an athlete and you are organizing a trip to south america to train for a competition. write a short description of what you are going to do. write two (2) complete spanish sentences. include the following details in your description using only material learned from this lesson/course: (4 points) you may copy and paste the accented and special characters from this list if needed: á, á, é, é, í, í, ó, ó, ú, ú, ü, ñ, ñ, ¡, ¿. write one (1) complete sentence to state which country you are going to visit and what time of the year or season you are going to travel. remember to use the correct form of the verb ir + a + infinitive. (e. g., i am going to travel to perú this summer.) write one (1) complete sentence about something that can be found in the country you are going to visit and what it is like. remember to use the correct form of the verb estar to talk about location and the correct form of the verb ser to describe. don´t forget to make your adjective agree with the noun. (e. g., lake t Get the answer
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(07.05 hc)during the warring states period, trade increased and the kinds of goods exchanged became more diverse. what effect would this have on how t


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(07.05 hc)in an experiment, hydrochloric acid reacted with different volumes of sodium thiosulfate in water. a yellow precipitate was formed during th


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(07.05 lc) which american author was most directly inspired by the ideals of transcendentalism? a: herman melville b: henry david thoreau c: harriet