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(06.08 mc) lee el texto y escribe siguiendo las instrucciones indicadas en el texto. read the text and write a short description following the instructions indicated in the text. (4 points) you may copy and paste the accented and special characters from this list if needed: á, á, é, é, í, í, ó, ó, ú, ú, ü, ñ, ñ, i, ?. pretend you are in the dominican republic with a friend. write a short description in spanish of what you and your friend do for fun. include the following details in your description: . at least two activities per person and at least one more that you do together • use at least one expression with in • use at least three frequency expressions state where you go to do each of the activities Get the answer
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(07.01 mc) a potential energy diagram is shown. 70 60 products 50 40 potential energy (kj) 30 reactants 20 10 0 reaction pathway what is the activati


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(07.01 mc) (independent probability) the number of chips of different colors in amy's bag is shown below:compund probability 8 blue chips 9 pink chips


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(07.01 mc) for circle h, jn = 10, nk = x, ln = 4, and nm = 20. circle h with chords jk and lm intersecting at n inside the circle solve for x. (1 poin