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(06.01 mc) part 1. a glass bottle, which is half-filled with water, has a balloon attached to its opening. the bottle is placed in a hot water bath for some time. explain the change to the size of the balloon based on the kinetic molecular theory. part 2. what would most likely happen to the balloon if the bottle was then placed into a jar of cold water with ice cubes? explain your answer based on the kinetic molecular theory in both cases, assume the balloon is attached tightly enough so that air does not escape the system. (10 points) Get the answer
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(06.01 mc) lee y escoge la opción con las palabras correctas para completar las frases. read and choose the option with the correct words for the blan


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(06.01 mc) the scatter plot shows the test scores of a group of students who played video games for different amounts of time in a day. a graph shows


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(06.01) write the following expression in exponential form: 1.6 × 1.6 × 1.6 × 1.6 41.6 1.64 1.6 × 4 1.6 + 4