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(04.02 lc) sombody help please thanks :d match the term with its description. matchtermdefinition chloroplasta) a type of sugar that is produced during photosynthesis to store chemical energy chlorophyllb) an organelle that contains chlorophyll and in which photosynthesis takes place glucosec) a green pigment present in all plants that absorbs light to provide energy for photosynthesis photosynthesisd) a process that uses sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water Get the answer
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(04.02 mc) read the following passage from muir's "calypso borealis" and answer the question. but when the sun was getting low and everything seemed


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(04.02 mc) write an equation of a line that passes through the point (8, 4) and is parallel to the line y = 4x + 2. oy = 4x - 28 oy = 4x + 28 oy=-x-2


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(04.02 mc) a contractor is building a new subdivision on the outside of a city. he has started work on the first street and is planning for the other