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"an olympic sprinter readies for a race. after the sound of the starting gun, he propels himself forward from the starting block and immediately grimaces in pain, grabbing for the back of his thigh. within 48 hours he begins noticing extensive bruising on the back of his thigh extending into the back of the knee. he now has difficulty rising from a seated position and flexing his knee. bending at the waist generates more pain. which muscle is likely injured? a. biceps femoris b. miopsoas opsoas c. gluteus maximus d. popliteus Get the answer
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"an economy is based on three sectorsdashagriculture, manufacturing, and services. for each unit of output, agriculture requires inputs of 0.20 unit f


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"an employee at a restaurant receives a 60% discount on meals. if the total before the discount is $32.50, how much does the employee pay?


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"an individual owns a bicycle repair business as a sole proprietorship. he does not make a lot of money, but he does have $5,000 available for investm