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(03.01 mc) pq and rs are two lines that intersect at point t, as shown below: two lines pq and rs intersect at point t. angles pts and rtq are shown congruent. which fact is used to prove that angle pts is always equal to angle rtq? (1 point) sum of the measures of angles rtq and qts is 180°. lines pq and rs intersect at an angle greater than a right angle. line segments pq and rs do not have a fixed length. sum of the measures of angles ptr and qts is 180°. Get the answer
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(03.01 mc) during his speech to the joint houses of congress requesting a declaration of war on imperial germany, president woodrow wilson called atte


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(03.01 mc) matt looks at the architectural plan of a four-walled room in which the walls meet each other at right angles. the length of one wall in th


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(03.01 mc) select true or false the expression 3x- 4(2x - 5) is equivalent to the expression 20 - 5x a: true b: false