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(02.02)a beverage is made by mixing 3 parts of water with 5 parts of fruit juice. how many parts of water are mixed with 1 part of fruit juice? 3 over 8. 3 over 5. 5 over 3. 5 over 8. Get the answer
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(02.03 lc) a scientist studied four pieces of fossil evidence that show the evolution of the modern-day man. these date back to 2 million years, 1 m


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(02.03 lc) read and choose the option with the correct word or words to complete the sentence. laura y yo ayudamos a nuestro papá a lavar los platos.


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(02.03 mc) determine if the two figures are congruent and explain your answer using transformations. figure abcd is shown. a is at negative 1, 1. b i