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(01.04 mc)the elevation of city a is 96 feet below sea level; the elevation of city c is 24 feet below sea level. the elevation of city d is 1 over 4 of the elevation of city c. part a: write an expression to represent the elevation, in feet, of city d. (5 points) part b: solve the expression and explain why the answer is negative or positive. (5 points) Get the answer
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(01.05 mc)the temperature of a city changed by ?15 degrees celsius over a 5-week period. the temperature changed by the same amount each week. part a:


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(01.05) what is the equation of a horizontal line passing through the point (2,-5)? (5 points) x-2 o y = -5 x = -5 o y = 2


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(01.05) which of the following is the most appropriate unit to describe the rate at which a person reads? (2 points)a) minutes per word, because the