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(-)-cholesterol has a specific rotation of -32o. a mixture of (+)- and (-)-cholesterol was analyzed by polarimetry, and the observed rotation was 14o. what is the percent composition of the (+) isomer in this mixture?assume 1 g of sample was dissolved in 1 ml water and the sample cell was 1 dm long. Get the answer
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(-1.5, —20.25) a parabola is shown in the xy-plane above. which of the following equations correctly represents the parabola by displaying the x-inter


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(-10 -- / 10 question 3 60 ml of 1.2 m naoh are required to titrate 40 ml of sulfuric acid. what is the molarity of the acid? assume a 1:1 mole rati


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(-16t - 2)(t - 5) is the same as 10+78t-16t^2 but in factored form. explain how you know, basically help me convert the factored form into the standa