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( ap u. s. history ) how does f. w evans passage explain how the context surrounding the shakers changed from the movements early years to the mid - 19th century? a. by nothing that popular early misconceptions about the shakers were no longer widely believed b. by explaining the changed the shakers made to become a more mainstream american religion c. by criticizing early american views toward the shakers as example of intentional ignorance d. by describing the many misconceptions early americans held toward the shakers and their leaders Get the answer
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( ethan frome novel) which of the following is not an example of foreshadowing in chapters 1-1|?* a. "the pitch of the corbury road, below lawyer var


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( excerpt from walden) part b: which two of the following quotes best support the answer to part a? a.''our life is frittered away by detail... simp


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( grade 8, science, geology ) which of the following is a rock? ( choose the correct option )i. iron. ii. talciii. limestoneiv. graphite ?