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>please help me, been stuck on for a while : assess the textual evidence to determine the best choice to support the claim that in "the most dangerous game" rainsford is not considerate of the opinions of others. question 5 options: "don't talk rot, whitney," said rainsford. "you're a big-game hunter, not a philosopher. who cares how a jaguar feels?" rainsford held his breath. at the great table the general was sitting alone. “i must keep my nerve. i must keep my nerve,” he said through tight teeth Get the answer
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< question 3 of 19 > a 5.61 g sample of calcium sulfide was decomposed into its constituent elements, producing 3.12 g of calcium and 2.49 g o


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< term 1 2021 mth 1100 xtib = write this ratio as a fraction in lowest terms 80 minutes to 30 minutes


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< assessment questions 1.part a: which statement identifies the central idea of the text? 2. part b: which quote from the text best supports the a