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# 35.3) hot and cold a scientist has been recording observations of the temperature for the past while. on hot days, they write "h", and for cold days, they write "c". instead of using a list, they kept all of these observations in a single long string (e. g., "hch" would be a hot day, followed by a cold day, and then another hot day). write a function `add_hot_cold` that consumes a string of observations and returns the number of hot days minus the number of cold days. to accomplish this, you should process each letter in turn and add 1 if it is hot, and -1 if it is cold. for example, the string "hch" would result in 1, while the string "chcc" would result in -2. you cannot use the built-in `.count()` method or the `len()` function for this problem. don't forget to unit test your function. Get the answer
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# script to translate into java for project 4 import random class lottoselection: # num_balls is the total number of balls # available for drawing wit


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# of pens cost of box 12- $25 50- $ ? 100- $175 the partially filled chart above shows the costof three sizes of boxes of pens sold by an office supp


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