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"a local water park charges $18 per kid and $25 per adult for all-day admission. on its best day of the summer, the park sold 8 times as many kid tickets as adult tickets. the park brought in a staggering total of $58,056 in ticket sales that day." a student used the following system of equations to model the situation given above. which statement about the system of equations the student used is true? 8a-k=0 20a + 18k = 58,056 a. the system of equations the student used is correct. b. the top equation in the system is incorrect. c. the bottom equation in the system is incorrect. d. both equations in the system are incorrect. Get the answer
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"a mass-loaded piston-cylinder system containing air is at 40 lbf/in^2" , 500 °r with a volume of 11 ft3 , while at the stops v = 38 ft3 . an air supp


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"a middle school language arts teacher is wanting to scaffold the reading of nonfiction texts for her english-language learners who are at the beginni


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"a motorist wants to determine her gas mileage. at 23,352 miles (on the odometer) the tank is filled. at 23,695 miles the tank is filled again with 14