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"you talk of heroism as noble language, dignity. it's more than that, as my coming here has proved. no man above us will ever know whether unferth died here or fled to the hills like a coward. only you and i and god will know the truth. that's inner heroism." what best explains the type of characterization used in this passage? a. indirect characterization because unferth's beliefs about heroism are expressed through dialogue b. direct characterization because the conflict between grendel and unferth is shown through plot structure c. indirect characterization because unferth's feelings towarch grendel are expressed through the author's description d. direct characterization because unferth's unspoken thoughts are highlighted through action Get the answer
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"you will be okay. your surgeon will talk to you in the morning." "don’t worry. the surgeon ordered a sleeping pill to help you sleep." "it must be di


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"you'll have a cocktail, mr. rainsford," he suggested. the cocktail was surpassingly good; and, rainsford noted, the table appointments were of the fi


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"you're going to get sick, kaushik, always wandering outside like that," my mother said. she continued to speak to you in bengali, despite your consis