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"we interrupt your regular programming to bring you a special report. this is carl sterns, news anchor for channel 1. thirty minutes ago, the notorious crime syndicate acute perps struck again at the world-famous wright bank. street reporter stuart olsen is live on the scene in geo city. let's go to stuart now to find out more about these breaking developments. stuart, what can you tell us?" "well, carl, at approximately 8:30 this morning, a trio of masked men overwhelmed security forces here at the wright bank in geo city and robbed the bank of all its cash. this is the third robbery in as many days orchestrated by acute perps. according to police sources, the gang robs three locations in three days and then goes unseen for weeks before they strike again. because this is their third robbery, officials expect the robbers will go underground for the next few weeks. however, the police need the help of geo city citizens in the meantime. on your screen is a map of the locations acute perps has hit in the past three days." a triangle is shown on the coordinate plane. one vertex of the triangle, located at 6, 3 is labeled cubic storage. another vertex at 6, negative 3 is labeled geometric gems. the third vertex at negative 2, negative 3 is labeled wright bank. "this gang traditionally hits the three locations during each crime spree using the same pattern. police are asking citizens to predict one of the next three locations acute perps will attack. they will use the information to stake out these locations in the coming weeks and bring acute perps to justice. back to you, carl." "thanks, stuart. it looks like the city has some important work to do!" step 1: pick a transformation you have been asked by the police to find one of the three locations the acute perps gang is likely to hit in the coming weeks. because the gang sticks to a triangular pattern, the locations could be a translation, reflection, or rotation of the original triangle. choose one of the following transformations to help locate the gang: tra Get the answer
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"we sometimes wish that we could back up in time, erasing words or acts and replacing them with better alternatives." - this refers to what communica


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"we stared into one another's eyes. the area of the crater had become enormously vast to our imaginations, the growing thickets already impenetrably d


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"we teach girls that they can have ambition, but not too much ... to be successful, but not too successful, or they'll threaten men," says author and