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"the king holiday” day for nation to pay inbute to martin luther king, who awakened in us the best qualities of the american spirit”. based on the information is the text, whal might the phrase "to pay tribute to” to mean here? a to give money to b. to honor c. to visit d. to get even with 7. choose the answer that best completes the sentence: the "king holiday" is a day for nations of the world to cease all violent actions. ———— we can demonstrate that peace is not just a dream but a real possibility, if only for a day. a however b. as a result c. instead d. later on Get the answer
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"the longitudinal (east/west) location of the highest ssts in the tropical pacific ocean consistent with the westward transport of warm surface water


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"the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of planet a is twice as great as on the surface of planet b. what is the ratio of the


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"the majority of u. s. car owners still buy american cars."ideally, what would the sample be in the study thatgenerated this stat