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"the clump of laurel in which the criminal lay was in the angle of a road which after ascending southward a steep acclivity to that point turned sharply to the west, running along the summit for perhaps one hundred yards. there it turned southward again and went zigzagging downward through the forest. at the salient of that second angle was a large flat rock, jutting out northward, overlooking the deep valley from which the road ascended. the rock capped a high cliff; a stone dropped from its outer edge would have fallen sheer downward one thousand feet to the tops of the pines. the angle where the soldier lay was on another spur of the same cliff. had be been awake he would have commanded a view, not only of the short arm of the road and the jutting rock, but of the entire profile of the cliff below it. it might well have made him giddy to look." the description of the setting in the paragraph above, helps create a. the exposition. b. the rising action. c. the climax. d. the conflict. Get the answer
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"the cook squatted in the bottom and looked with both eyes at the six inches of gunwale which separated him from the ocean. his sleeves were rolled o


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"the core inflation rate? . a. is equal to the cpi inflation rate b. has greater fluctuations than the cpi inflation rate c. is the rate of increase i


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"the counting rule that is used for counting the number of experimental outcomes when n objects are selected from a set of n objects where order of se