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"the black cat is a dark story as it has themes about alcoholism and murder. the narrator starts the story telling us that we may think he's crazy, but he's not, and, instead, is a victim of unfortunate circumstances. he then goes on to tell a story about how he blinded his pet cat, hanged the same cat, had a different cat (who looked exactly like the first cat) follow him home, tried to kill that cat, but instead killed his wife, whose body he hides in the wall of his basement. yeah, he's not crazy!) • give 2 examples of the theme of alcohol being dangerous from the story. Get the answer
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Hedda Galya 55 Minutes ago

"the bloody massacre" by paul revere is often regarded as a biased work of the anti-british propaganda. in 2 paragraphs explain how this is a piece of


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"the buddha's five precepts are too difficult to live by." evaluate this statement (7 paragraphs) this is religious studies but there is not a subjec


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"the byzantines themselves, not the turks, bear the greatest responsibility for the end of their empire." do you agree or disagree with this stateme