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""katie is suing her sister mimi over their mother’s will, which left everything to mimi, including the lake house that had been in their mother’s family for two generations. calling it a house is rather generous; it is really a shanty with two bedrooms, a small living room, a galley kitchen, a weather-worn porch, and one and a half baths—with the half serving as a tiny pantry for the kitchen. the house was used in summers, as were most such cottages since they were built in the 1950s. that was before folks got the idea that lake properties were for year-round living, and before real estate brokers got the idea that lake cottages should be called houses, and should then be torn down and replaced by narrow mcmansions. katie believes her mother’s alzheimer’s disease caused her to leave a will that provided only for mimi. she is attempting to have her mother’s estate put into intestacy, so that she can inherit half of the estate, which really consists of the lake cottage, now worth about $1 million. katie’s lawyer nicole is taking the case under the following arrangement: if katie wins, nicole will be paid one-third of whatever katie inherits. ultimately, katie is hoping to force a sale of the lake property, so she can get the cash. is this an allowable contingency fee arrangement? Get the answer
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"'suppose that while in college, you saved money by eating generic fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. now, suppose that after you graduated


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"(the power to regulate commerce is) the power to regulate; that is, to prescribe the rule by which commerce is to be governed. this power, like all o


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". i am writing a multi-threaded program and i need to connect to a server and one or more clients. describe how i would find out the hostnames of the