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"resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve". based on this passage, what did the author believe about the realization of possibilities? a. the author believed that taking advantage of possibilities is all that is needed for success in all aspects of life. b. the author believed that if someone fails at a task it is not meant to be completed and no further effort should be made. c. the author believed that resolve is not needed to perform tasks successful despite any obstacles. d. the author believed that taking advantage of possibilities had to be coupled with purpose and hard work. Get the answer
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"richard wants you to add some additional spacing between the images" and the edge of the page body. to add this spacing, create a style rule that set


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"rogue corp. has sales of? $4,250,000; the? firm's cost of goods sold is? $2,500,000; and its total operating expenses are? $600,000. the? firm's inte


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"romantic love: reality or myth? what is a central idea of the counterpoint article? a) romantic love is not a logical way for people to begin a famil