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"now it pleased god to send mr. whitefield into this land: ...and i soon heard he was come to new york and the jerseys and great multitudes flocking after him under great concem for their souls and many converted which brought on my concern more and more hoping soon to see him ... we went down in the stream; i heard no man speak a word all the way three miles but every one pressing forward in great haste and when we got to the old meeting house there was a great multitude; it was said to be 3 or 4000 of people assembled together ... and my hearing him preach gave me a heart wound; by god's blessing my old foundation was broken up, and i saw that my righteousness would not save me; then i was convinced of the doctrine of election and went right to quarreling with god about it, because all that i could do would not save me; and he had decreed from eternity who should be saved and who not."--nathaniel cole, from the great awakening comes to connecticut, 1740 which of the following did not result from the great awakening? (5 points) churches became more critical of government intervention in religion. denominations merged as celebrity preachers gained large followings. religious activity infused the masses, including slaves and women. traditional authority and the commercial society were widely questioned. Get the answer
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"now, therefore i, abraham lincoln, president of the united states, by virtue of the power in me vested as commander-in-chief, of the army and navy of


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"numbers" count up your portion, count up your checkseither you're fam or you're comin' at my neckwhen you gonna freeze with the cool dramatics?i'm n


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"nurse, i'm really worried. a gush of fluid just flowed out of me. does that mean the baby is in danger? what should i do?" how do i respond?