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"not all colonists were happy with the declaration of independence." which of the facts below best supports the statement above? o a. congress debated and revised the declaration before adopting its final version. o b. british reinforcements were arriving in new york as the declaration was being signed. o c. many colonists moved to british-controlled lands after the declaration was adopted. d. it was six months before all of the colonists could read the declaration. Get the answer
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"now no one is going to make you talk – possibly no one can. but bear in mind, language is man's way of communicating with his fellow man and it is la


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"now that we can program our own news diet online, it's even easier to seek out what we want to believe. the irony is that instead of expanding our w


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"now we're gonna discuss the thing what i said earlier" or"now we're gonna discuss the thing i said earlier" is adding "what" to the first phrase aft