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0. two rectangles, a and b are in proportion in the ratio 3:5. if the area of rectangle b is 80 cm?, find the area of rectangle a? (2 marks)? Get the answer
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Valko Tomer 55 Minutes ago

0. when measuring tert-butyl alcohol for this experiment, a student first weighs an empty graduated cylinder, then pours 15 ml of the alcohol into the


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

0.0165g of an organic compound on analysis gave 0.0135g co2 and 0.01937g water. what is the percentage of carbon and hydrogen in the compound. ?


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

0.01cm3 of oil spreads out on water to form a patch of diameter 28cm. estimate the diameter of an oil molecule and express your answer correct to 3s.