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0. hank plays on a college basketball team. in college, the three-point line is 246 inches from the center of the basket. 1. if hank shoots from inside the three-point line, what can be said about his distance from the center of the basket? 2. using the variable x to represent hank’s distance from the center of the basket, write an inequality for the situation you described in number 1. 3. it is the last game of the season, and hank’s team needs to score more than 56 points in the game to win the conference scoring title. the team had scored 35 points by halftime. write an inequality for the number of points (x) the team must score in the second half to win the scoring title. Get the answer
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0. the base of a straight prism is a parallel with a perimeter of 24 cm. the height of the prism is 1.1 dm. the sum of all the edges of the prism in c


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0. the diagram on the right shows the growth of a type of cell. n?x4 second day, each cell produces three cells. on the following h?x2it is given tha


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0. trichocysts is an important organelle in paramecium. which activities does it associate for? a. defense, offence, and adhesion b. defense, reproduc