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0 5 a language arts / module 3 / points of view 2. what does "for example" tell readers about the sentence it introduces? that its a sentence that will show them a similarity that they're about to be introduced to a new idea that they're about to hear an example of the idea in the previous sentence that its sentence will show them a difference. please i need answer Get the answer
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0 a perspex container has a 6 cm square base and contains water to a height of 7 cm (figure 1.13).a what is the volume of the water?b a stone is lo


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0 a rifle that shoots bullets at 460 m/s is to be aimed at a target 45.7 m away. if the centre of the target is level withthe rifle, how high above t


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0 arrange the ff social group in decreasing order, starting from the largest group to the lowest, extended etime 4 group clan, class and nuclear famil