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.com/student/dashboard/home di-ready practice: multiplicative comparison problems - quiz - level d casey and jayden look for animal footprints in the woods. casey finds 18 footprints. casey finds 2 times as many footprints as jayden. how many footprints does jayden find? let f stand for the number of footprints jayden finds. which bar model represents the problem? casey casey jayden jayden 1818 18 avden 18 jayden jayden casey 18 18 casey Get the answer
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.i probably asked this a lot but this affects my grade and my math teacher keeps calling and calling but can you help me


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.in a certain year, james put $600 in a bank at the end of march and $400 in the same bank at the end of june. the bank offer 3% per annum simple inte


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.interviewing elected officials .interviewing government bureaucrats .interviewing people who use government services which of the following is the