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.1. how do we know that this is a villanelle? 2. provide two examples of alliteration. 3. select one image in the poem and explain what sense this image stimulates 4. provide two examples of consonance. 5. the poem's speaker introduces four men, each fighting death for a particular and highly specific reason. in your own works, why does the wise man not want to die, according to the poem? 6. why do good men fight death according to this poem? 7. why do wild men fight death according to this poem? 8. why do grave men near death fight death according to the poem? 9. what is one line that contains a euphemism. 10. what is a refrain, and in what lines in the poem is the refrain found? please Get the answer
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.188-km course in 2h, 30 min, and 12s. there is an uncertainty of 25m in the distance traveled and an uncertainty of 1 s in the elapsed time. (a) calc


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.19. if the assessment rate is 46% and the tax rate is $37.84 per $1,000 of assessed value, the property tax on a house with a market value of $170,00


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.2 letter writing you are radha/rajesh, a member of ngo awaaz. write a letter to the editor of a national daily for a public movement to dean the yamu