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. periodic table * sub-shelldiagrammatic questionswhat factors do the valencies of elements depend upon?a part of a periodic table is given below. study it and answer the followii. sketch the atomic structure of that element which is placed in period 3vi. transition elementiiaivaiiiaiavabe b. ? nlioperiods 2mgsial3. na? s ??i write the names of two very reactive non-metals.questions.via viiaonefarhas valency 4.ii. name the most reactive metal with a suitable reason.study the given electronic configuration of the elements and answer the folloquestions.a. 2,8,1 b.2,8 c. 2,8,7 d. 1 Get the answer
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. una madre lleva 10 años sin poder olvidar el dolor de perder a su hijo, ¿que área de la psicología explican el comportamiento?.


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. when in the wrought chest the wind blowing over and the sea heaving struck her [danae] with fear, her cheeks not dry, she put her arm over perseus a


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. ¿cuál de las siguientes características diferencia a las células procariontes de las eucariontes? *a. presencia de un citoplasma.b. tener un límite