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. the following program is a mutual exclusion protocol for two processes due to pnueli [1]. there is a single shared variable s which is either 0 or 1, and initially 1. besides, each process has a local boolean variable y that initially equals 0. the program text for process pi (i = 0, 1) is as follows: loop forever do begin l1: noncritical section l2: (yi, s) := (1, i); l3: wait until ((y1?i = 0) ? (s ? i)); l4: critical section l5: yi := 0 end. here, the statement (yi, s) := (1, i); is a multiple assignment in which variable yi := 1 and s := i is a single, atomic step. please answer following questions: a) define the program graph of a process in pnueli’s algorithm. b) determine the transition system for each process. c) construct their parallel composition. d) check whether the algorithm ensures mutual exclusion. e) check whether the algorithm ensures starvation freedom. f) the last two questions may be answered by inspecting the transition system Get the answer
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. the height of a plant is 8 more inches than twice the height of a plant last month. the plant is 32 inches this month. what is the height of the pla


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. the length of a micrometer is approximately 0.00003937 inch. how would you express this in scientific notation?


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. the length of a rectangular garden is three feet less than twice its width. if the perimeter of the garden is 42 feet, what are its dimensions?