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. the body surface area (bsa) in m2 of a person (used for determining dosage of medications) can be calculated by the formula (mosteller formula): in which h is the person’s height in inches, and w is the persons weight in lb. write a matlab user-defined function that calculates the body surface area. for the function name and arguments, use bsa = bodysura(w, h). the input arguments w and h are the weight and height, respectively. the output argument bsa is the bsa value. use the function to calculate the body surface area of: (a) a 170-lb, 5-ft 10-in. tall person. (b) a 220-lb, 6-ft 5-in. tall person. Get the answer
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. the current price of a stock is $50. in 1 year, the price will be either $65 or $35. the annual risk-free rate is 10%. find the price of a call opti


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. the cycle ensures water is recycled through the biosphere. it is key to all living things as a , a main part of biological


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. the depreciated value y (in dollars) of a business car after x years isy = -4200x + 21,000.a. graph the equation.