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. kathy and cheryl are walking in a fundraiser. kathy completes the course in 4.8 hours and cheryl completes the course in 8 hours. kathy walks two miles per hour faster than cheryl. find kathy’s speed and cheryl’s speed. Get the answer
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. krista went shopping for jeans. she found a great pair for $59. she found a second pair that was pretty nice and cost only $28. about how much less


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. k?t qu? phân tích cho th?y trong phân t? h?i h2o có 88,809% o và 11,191% h theo kh?i l??ng. bi?t nguyên t? kh?i c?a o là 15,999. hãy xác ??nh nguyên


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. la física utiliza los sentidos , los instrumentos de medición y la observación en su proceso de búsqueda de el porque y el como suceden los fenómeno